Selasa, 05 Januari 2010

Download 8 in 1 Pokemon for Game Java

If you're a Pokémon Fanatic then this is the game collection for you! This Pokémon Collection consists of eight great Gameboy/Gameboy Color Pokémon games which are:

1 Pokémon Green;

2 Pokémon Blue;

3 Pokémon Red;

4 Pokémon Yellow;

5 Pokémon Silver;

6 Pokémon Gold;

7 Pokémon Crystal;

8 Pokémon Diamond.

I built this Pokémon Game Collection using the MeBoyBuilder 2.2 which is the latest Gameboy Color emulator for mobile phones.

I worked really hard with making this great Pok

émon Game Collection and I hope that you all enjoy it!

Feel free to post your feedback and let me know if there are any problems..

Gotta Play Them All - Pokémon!

Disclaimer: This download is for personal use (mobile phones) only. Kindly do not copy, modify, distribute or sell the whole or parts of this file without permission of the creator.

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lukman mengatakan...

sob, ga bisa di download, coba ganti dgn link yang lain

kalo sudah, beri tahu ke blogg saya
thanks, wassalam

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